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Subscriber Benefits

The Kodiak Connected Portfolio extends the company’s original and very successful instant communications offering, and includes a series of innovative group-oriented mobile conferencing and messaging applications designed for personal and professional use. These applications are deployed across an extensive range of embedded and Open OS devices, offering subscribers a variety of handset options.

As a means to help wireless operators meet the needs of their subscriber customers, Kodiak Networks® has developed a streamlined set of mobile applications and client offerings for the following operator markets: Business Professionals, Families and Social Networking groups. Each of the Kodiak Connected Solutions is tailored to address the specific communications requirements of these targets and provide clear, tangible benefits.

Benefits for Business Professionals
Kodiak Connected Business solutions offer a number of benefits to professional and mobile work forces:

  • Reduces Complexity 
    • Carrier-managed applications allow workers to focus on business
  • Extends Worker Reach
    • Mobile communications tools enable users conduct business anywhere
  • Improves Productivity
    • Employees can get more work done both quickly and efficiently

Benefits for Family Members
Kodiak Connected Family solutions are helping families across the globe to get in touch and stay connected through a series of cost-effective and convenient mobile services:

  • Affordable
    • Value-based mobile services and handset options
  • Simple
    • Pooled billing for easy payment reconciliation
    • One-touch and intuitive user experience spans generations
  • Coverage
    • Mobile applications work wherever there is cellular coverage

Benefits for Social Networking Communities
Kodiak Connected Community solutions help to address the evolving mobile communications requirement of social networking communities:

  • Life-style Enhancement
    • Innovative voice services allow users to be on the ‘cutting edge’ with peers and social networks
  • Everywhere
    • Quick and easy to connect with others at any time or place
  • Ubiquity
    • Contacts can be reached on a variety of devices across many networks

Kodiak Networks continues to set the industry standard for integrated, community-oriented mobile applications that are fast and convenient to use, and can be readily accessed on a variety of handsets.